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TCTX Permanent Magnet Sleeve
TCTX Permanent Magnet Sleeve

TCTX Permanent Magnet Sleeve

Model: TCTX Series

Capacity: 20-60t/h

Certification: CE & SGS & ISO

Application: Idely employed in the material receiving system of feed mills, grain storage facilities and etc.

Product Description

Henan RICHI Machinery TCTX Series Permanent Magnet Sleeve Factory direct sales‎, is mainly used for the separation of magnetic material metallic inclusions, suitable for all sizes of feed mills, grain and oil processing plants, solvent plants and breweries.

TCTX Permanent Magnet Sleeve Details

TCTX Permanent Magnet Sleeve
TCTX Series Permanent Magnet Sleeve is mainly composed of three parts: cylinder, permanent magnet and door. Through the adsorption of permanent magnets in the cylinder, the magnetic nails, screws, washers, steel balls and iron blocks mixed in the process are removed. Metal impurities to avoid wear and damage to machinery.


1. Powerful iron removal performance without power consumption.Good separation effect for removing magnetic metal inclusions in raw materials.

2. Core adopts newly developed rare-earth permanent magnetic materials, magnetic induction intensity≥3000GS, iron removal efficiency ≥ 99%.

3. Tub adopts brushed stainless steel with good appearance.

4. No need of power, easy maintenance, its performance can reach international advanced level.


Model TCTX20 TCTX25 TCTX30
Capacity Pellet 30t/h 40t/h 60t/h
Powder 20t/h 30t/h 40t/h

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