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SZLH one-layer conditioner pellet mill
SZLH one-layer conditioner pellet mill

SZLH one-layer conditioner pellet mill

Model: SZLH one-layer conditioner pellet mill

Capacity: 1-40 t/h feed pellet machine

Certification: CE & SGS & ISO

Application: Can be used in pig, rabbit, dog, horse, cow, sheep, chicken, pigeon, bird, sinking fish, floating fish, shrimp, crab feed pellet production line

Product Description

Henan Richi Machinery SZLH one-layer conditioner pellet mill for poultry ruminant, is applied for processing grains such as corn, wheat, beans, etc. into animal feed pellets and aquatic feed pellets. Our SZLH ring die feed pellet mill has a good market worldwide and enjoys a high reputation with professional installation guidance and technical support.

The feed pellet machine conditioner is a kind of machinery that allows the materials to interact with the high-temperature steam connected to mature the materials. Although this process is simple, it is very useful and has many benefits. The material undergoes the effects of high temperature steam to achieve the effect of aging and sterilization. The feed animal made by the aging and sterilizing material is easy to digest after eating and grows quickly.

SZLH one-layer conditioner pellet mill Details

SZLH one-layer conditioner pellet mill
1. Feeder
2. Stainless Steel Conditioner
3. Conditioner Motor
4. SIEMENS Motor
5. Shaft Coupling
6. Safety Assembly
7. Pelleting Chamber
8. Forced Feeder
9. Conditioner
10. Feeder Motor


1.The process flow is continuous and reasonable, and each machine has good performance.

2.The unit has a compact structure, small occupation area, low energy consumption,and high efficiency.

3.Simple structure, suitable for small farmers in rural areas to use. Easy maintenance, safe and reliable, less investment and quick effect.

4.Application from one single mobile plant to multiply combined plants.

5.Professional services for global customers.

6.Triple-layer stainless steel conditioner improves feed maturity and quality.

RIICHI modulator introduction

1. Modulator material: stainless steel

2.Internal structure of the modulator: stainless steel shaft and paddle

3. The role of the modulator:

The modulator has a hole for connecting with the steam boiler. The dry saturated steam and the material are fully contacted and mixed in the modulator to achieve the effect of ripening the material.

4. Modulator size:

SZLH 250: Length 1800mm* Diameter 273mm

SZLH 320: Length 2000mm* Diameter 320mm

SZLH 350: Length 2440mm* Diameter 350mm

SZLH 420: Length 3000mm* Diameter 420mm

SZLH 508: Length 3000mm* Diameter 420mm

The feeder and modulator produced by RICHI Machinery are all made of stainless steel. They are corrosion resistant, acid and alkali resistant, durable and have a longer life.


Model Capacity(TPH) Main Motor Power(kw) Feeder Motor Power(kw) Conditioner Power(kw) Dia.of Ring Die(mm) Final Pellet(mm)
SZLH250 1-2 22 0.75 1.5 250 2~12
SZLH320 3-4 37 1.5 2.2 320 2~12
SZLH350 5-7 55 1.5 3 350 2~12
SZLH420 8-12 110 1.5 7.5 420 2~12
SZLH508 10-18 160 2.2 11 508 2~12
SZLH558 15-25 180/200 2.2 11 558 2~12
SZLH558D 14-22 160/180/200 1.5 7.5 558 2~18
SZLH678 20-30 220/250 2.2 11 678 2~12
SZLH678D 15-25 200/220/250 2.2 11 673 2~18
SZLH768 25-40 280/315 2.2 11 768 2~12
SLZH858 25-42 280/315 2.2 15 858 2~18

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