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Tanzania 2T/H animal feed pellet production line

Date: 06/16/2020 09:06:42 From: Clicks:

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This is the customer from Tanzania, he came to visit our factory, plant, equipment, to talk about the construction scheme, our professional technical personnel design engineering program is the most reasonable, he eventually decided to buy the 2T/H animal feed pellet production line.

Tanzania 2T/H animal feed pellet production line
Tanzania 2T/H animal feed pellet production line

Advantages of our feed pellet production line?

1.The components of a complete feed pellet line can be TURN-KEY MADE, since Richi Machinery is professional in making animal feed processing plans, we can give you the MOST SUITABLE feed pellet production Business Plan.

2.All the machines are strictly developed and manufactured to guarantee PREMIUM QUALITY.

3.You can choose it for making many kinds of animal feeds, such as cattle, dairy cow, goat, sheep, horse, pig, chicken, broiler, duck, rabbit, fish, goose, etc.

4.We have experienced engineers for overseas installation and comissioning. We will also train your workers on how to operate the feed processing machines.

If you are interested in the feed pellet equipment in Tanzania, you can contact us, or contact our customers directly, you can understand the details.


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