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SLHJ Single Roller Double Paddle Mixer
SLHJ Single Roller Double Paddle Mixer

SLHJ Single Roller Double Paddle Mixer

Model: SLHJ Series

Mixed Weight: 500-3000kg/bat

Certification: CE & SGS & ISO

Application: Widely used in feed, food, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide and other industries

Product Description

The limit switch in the access door can ensure safty operation. SSLG Series pellet crumbler for sale factory price is attractive, is suitable for a varity of liquid additive, such as water, molasses, oil, etc.

SLHJ Single Roller Double Paddle Mixer Details

SLHJ Single Roller Double Paddle Mixer
Henan Richi Machinery SLHJ Series Single roller Double Paddle Mixer adopts pneumatic discharge mechanism with self-locking function, discharge door sealing with silica rubber, no leakage. large access door, reasonable design, convenient for cleaning and maintenance.


1. double-circle paddle rotor, mixing homogeneity≥97.7% (i.e. CV≤2.3%).

2. Optimized paddle-to-wall gap and fully open discharge doors, no residue, no contamination; unique air-sac seal, no leakage; optional corrosion-resistant steel design.

3. Large access door for cleaning and maintenance, time saver.

4. Energy saving machine, tons of power consumption is only 0.3W.

5. Single shaft two layer paddle, mixing time 45-60s.

6. High evenness, mixed evenness is more than 97.7%.

7. Wide open discharge door, residual less than 0.1%.


Material quality carbon steel Stainless steel carbon steel Stainless steel carbon steel carbon steel carbon steel carbon steel carbon steel
Power 11kw 11kw 22kw 22kw 22kw 30kw 30kw 37kw 55kw
Mixed weight 500kg/batch 500kg/batch 1000kg/batch 1000kg/batch 1000kg/batch 1500kg/batch 2000kg/batch 2000kg/batch 3000kg/batch

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