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2020 Uzbekistan 1-2 Tons/hour Chicken Feed Pellet Plant Production Line Project

2020 Uzbekistan 1-2 Tons/hour Chicken Feed Pellet Plant Production Line Project

2020 Uzbekistan 1-2 Tons/hour Chicken Feed Pellet Plant Production Line Project

Name: Chicken Feed Pellet Production Line

Country: Samarkand,Uzbekistan

Capacity: 1-2 Ton Per Hour

Date: July 2020

Installation cycle: Estimated 30 days

Feed Pellet Size: 1-2mm small baby chicken feed, 3mm,4mm chicken feed pellet

Project Description

In July 2020, a new poultry and chicken feed pellet production line project with a design capacity of 1-2 tons per hour was successfully signed and is expected to be put into operation in the middle of 2021. From the early communication to the subsequent contract signing, RICHI has always adhered to the principle of "creating value for customers", fundamentally solving customer problems, and creating a high-quality feed production line with the greatest benefit.

The 1-2 ton/hour chicken feed pellet production line project is located in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. The main equipment used is SZLH250 chicken feed pelletizer, SFSP56*40b chicken feed corn grinder, SLHY0.5 chicken feed mixer, cooling belt, etc. . There are so many chicken feed pellet machinery and equipment manufacturers, why choose Richi Machinery? Although the output of this 1-2 ton/hour chicken feed pellet production line is not large, due to the low budget, this is the customer after nearly a year of investigation and inspection of many domestic and foreign feed processing equipment, and it is consistent with the system service provider. the result of.

Reasons for Choosing Richi Machinery Chicken Feed Pellet Equipment:

(1)Feed engineering design: Using three-dimensional digital design, precise planning, one step. A series of links from the layout of the whole plant, process design, installation and commissioning, electrical control, to production technology, maintenance training, etc. are industry firsts.

(2)Feed equipment: The equipment provided by Richi Machinery can greatly help improve feed quality and production efficiency.

It is worth mentioning that customers may encounter production quality and transportation problems when operating other businesses, so customers attach great importance to transportation and product quality problems. What we want to say is that during the delivery of engineering equipment, the engineering service team will conduct on-site supervision and carefully check the equipment information, packaging protection, accessories and materials that meet the specifications. RICHI's full-time engineering service team will always insist on focusing on service details, focusing on fast and efficient delivery, while ensuring zero defects of equipment products, safe and strict loading procedures, and safe delivery of the best quality equipment to customers.

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