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What is the parameter model of 1-2 t/h feed pellet machine?

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SZLH250 is a horizontal ring die feed pellet machine, which can be applied to chicken feed pellet production line, pig feed pellet production line, cattle and sheep feed pellet production line, etc. However, users generally know the required output and do not know how to view the SZLH250 model. The following introduce the parameter and production line cases of the SZLH250 feed pellet machine produced by Richi Machinery for your reference.

parameter of SZLH250 feed pellet machine

1. Capacity: 1-2Ton/Hour

2. With on-site electric control cabinet

3. Siemens motor, SKF bearing

4. Feature: 4 parts are made by stainless steel.Feeder,conditioner, ring die, door

5. Size of Conditioner: Length 1800mm* Diameter 220mm

6. Rang of Final pellet: 2-8mm

7. Ring die inter diameter: 250mm

8.Stainless steel Feeder model: WLQ-16 power: 0.55kw

9.Stainless steel Conditioner model: TZQ22*180 power: 1.5kw

10.Pellet machine model: SZLH 250 power: 22kw

SZLH250 feed pellet machine
SZLH250 feed pellet machine

1-2Ton/Hour feed pellet production line case

1. Cape Verde 1-2T/H Poultry Feed Pellet Line

Name:poultry feed pellet line

Country:Cape Verde

Date:Aug 31th,2015


Feed Pellet Size:2-6mm poultry feed pellet

The install period:10 Days

Workshop size(L*W*H):10m*4m*5m

Main Raw material:Corn, wheat, soybean meal and other Grain.

2. Senegal 1-2T/H Livestock Feed Pellet Line

Name:Chicken Feed Pellet Line


Date:Nov 4th,2016


Feed Pellet Size:3.5mm animal feed pellet

The install period:10 Days

Workshop size(L*W*H):13m*4m*8m

Main Raw material:Corn, wheat, and other Grain.

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