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What Are the Costs to Consider When Investing in a Cattle Farm?

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Investing in a cattle farm must consider the cost, because the high and low costs directly affect the profitability of cattle breeding. Every investor hopes that the lower the cost, the higher the profit, but this is not the case in reality. A planned cattle raising investor must consider input and output, so how much money does it need to invest in raising a cow? Every country is different. Here is an example of investing in a cattle farm in China.

Cattle Farm
Cattle Farm

Cattle farm input: 1. The cost of buying beef calves; 2. Feed expenses; 3. Water and electricity expenses; 4. Labor expenses; 5. Quarantine expenses; 6. Disinfection expenses; 7. Treatment expenses; 8. Supporting equipment expenses; 9. , Cattle farm construction fee and cow house construction fee. The cost of raising cattle mainly includes: 1. Feed expenses, 2. Expenses for introducing beef calves, 3. Expenses for construction of cattle farms. The specific analysis is as follows:

I. Price and cost of beef calf

The calves are divided into different breeds, and the calves in each region are not the same. Here users can consult the local calf prices.

II. Coarse feed cost

1. Calculation method of roughage usage:

The daily feed intake of beef cattle accounts for 2.5% of the body weight of the beef cattle, which means that 100 catties of beef cattle need 2.5 catties of roughage, and 400 catties of beef cattle need 10 catties of roughage. , 1,000 catties of beef cattle need 25 catties of roughage a day.

400 catties and 1,000 catties must have different feed intakes. How to calculate the average? Let me teach you how to calculate it. For example, if 400 kg is raised to 1,300 kg, use the final weight of the beef cattle to subtract the calf weight at the time of purchase. 1200-400=800 kg. We will calculate this 800 kg according to the longest time and 10 months. . 800 catties are divided into 2 parts, 800 divided by 2, equal to 400 catties, 400 catties plus 400 catties of the original purchased calves, 400+400=800 catties, this 800 catties is equivalent to 10 months of breeding, every day A weight of 800 kg is the average.

(Note: One kilogram of feed is equal to 2 kg of feed.)

Cattles eat roughage
Cattles eat roughage

2. The amount of roughage used

How much roughage does 800 beef cattle need every day? 100 catties of beef cattle need 2.5 catties, and 800 catties of beef cattle need 20 catties of feed (the amount of dry coarse feed required per head per day)

3. Coarse feed cost:

The coarse fodder that can be used for beef cattle includes: silage corn stalks, distiller's grains, dried corn stalks, wheat stalks, peanut stalks, sweet potato stalks, straw, etc.

The purchase price per catty is calculated as 0.3 yuan, 20 catties need 6 yuan (each beef cattle needs coarse feed cost per day)

4. Calculation method of fine feed usage

The fine feed that beef cattle needs every day accounts for 1% of beef cattle's body weight. This means that 100 catties of beef cattle need 1 catty of fine feed, and 400 catties need 4 catties of fine feed. , 1,000 catties of beef cattle need 10 catties of fine feed every day.

400 catties and 1,000 catties must have different intakes of fine feed. How to calculate the average? (The calculation method is the same as the calculation of roughage) The average value is also 800 kg.

5. The amount of fine feed used

How much fine feed does 800 beef cattle need every day? 100 catties of beef cattle need 1 catty, 800 catties of beef cattle need 8 catties of feed (each head needs fine feed per day)

6. Coarse feed cost:

The fine feeds that can be used for beef cattle mainly include: cornmeal, bran, soybean meal, cotton cake, rapeseed cake, bone meal, baking soda, salt, cattle premix, etc.

The farm recommends the formula of concentrated feed: 52% corn, 16% bran, 25% soybean meal, 1% baking soda, 1% salt, and 5% cattle premix.

The price of formula raw materials varies from country to country. Take China as an example. The price of cornmeal is 1.3 yuan per catty, bran is 0.8 yuan per catty, soybean meal is 1.7 yuan per catty, baking soda is 0.8 yuan, and salt is 1.2 yuan per catty. The cattle premix is ​​2.8 yuan per catty. Each catty of mixed fine feed is prepared according to the above formula and costs 1.4 yuan per catty.

Each catty of mixed fine feed is calculated at 1.4 yuan, and 8 catties requires 11.2 yuan (each beef cattle needs fine feed per day)

How much feed does each beef cow need per day: 20 catties of coarse feed, 8 catties of fine feed.

How much money each beef cow needs per day: 6 yuan for coarse feed, 11.2 yuan for fine feed, total: 17.2 yuan

One beef cattle is raised for 10 months, 17.2 yuan per day, 300 days of breeding, and the cost is 5160 yuan (all feed costs).

III. Construction cost of beef cattle breeding farm:

Each beef cattle needs 5-6 square meters, the requirements, points, types, and costs of cattle farm construction and cattle house construction.

IV. As for other expenses

(Utilities, quarantine fees, disinfection fees, treatment fees) These are all small expenses. Utilities are not valuable. Disinfection and quarantine fees only cost dozens of yuan per cow per year. The money sold by cow dung can resist these. cost.

V. Auxiliary equipment: particle crusher, straw mill, boiler, choose the size and model according to the quantity, generally 1000-4000 yuan. Generally, the construction and equipment of the barn are not counted, because these can be used for many years.

VI. Labor costs: One person is the main person in charge of raising 50 cows, and it is quite easy for two people, because they are all mechanized now, and the monthly salary is calculated at 2,000 yuan.

Senven. Treatment fee: This is unpredictable. It is estimated at 200 yuan per head. Therefore, friends who raise cattle here must pay attention. When choosing beef calves, you must not only look at weight. Quality is the fundamental factor. The better the quality of cattle, the less often they will get sick, so the risk of raising cattle is greatly reduced.

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