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Large-scale Commercial Feed Factory Cattle Cow Feed Pellet Machine and Dairy Cow Feed Formula

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For large-scale commercial dairy cattle feed factories, not only high-quality and large-volume cattle feed pellet machines are needed, but if there is a good dairy cattle feed formula, it will be the icing on the cake and even better. Scientific cattle feed formula can not only make cattle produce more milk, but also reduce disease. The high-quality, long-life, and CE-certified cattle feed pellet machine is the key to the profitability of the feed factory. Let's take a look at the large-scale commercial feed factory cattle feed pellet machine and dairy cattle feed formula.

I. Cow Feed Pellet Machine

Cattle feed pellet machine has ring die pellet machine and flat die pellet machine according to the output. Richi Machinery, as a well-known Chinese pellet machine manufacturer, produces both types of production, but mainly focuses on the production of ring die pellet machines. Cattle/Sheep Feed Pellet Machine are used to make Cattle feed pellets. These are a kind of compound feed and mainly made from various raw materials such as, cereals, seed from oleaginous crops and legumes, forage and dried beet pulp and additives, such as , vitamins, minerals, chemical preservatives and other essential micro-ingredients.Pelleted type of feed can be digested well and improve the performance of cattle.

Cattle Cow Feed Pellet Machine
Cattle Cow Feed Pellet Machine

1. Dairy Cattle Feed Pellet Machine Parameter Model

Model Capacity(TPH) Main Motor Power(kw) Feeder Motor Power(kw) Conditioner Power(kw) Dia.of Ring Die(mm) Final Pellet(mm)
SZLH250 1-2 22 0.75 1.5 250 2~12
SZLH320 3-4 37 1.5 2.2 320 2~12
SZLH350 5-7 55 1.5 3 350 2~12
SZLH420 8-12 110 1.5 7.5 420 2~12
SZLH508 10-18 160 2.2 11 508 2~12
SZLH558 15-25 180/200 2.2 11 558 2~12
SZLH558D 14-22 160/180/200 1.5 7.5 558 2~18
SZLH678 20-30 220/250 2.2 11 678 2~12
SZLH678D 15-25 200/220/250 2.2 11 673 2~18
SZLH768 25-40 280/315 2.2 11 768 2~12
SLZH858 25-42 280/315 2.2 15 858 2~18

2. Advantages of Using Cattle Feed Pellet Machine

II. Precautions for Dairy Cow Feed Formula

1. Calf nutrition formula

1) The nutritional needs of calves. On the 7th day after birth, start to replenish grass and train calves to eat grass by means of grass racks and hanging handles so that they can eat high-quality green hay freely. The calf starts to add concentrate on the 10th day after delivery. The specific formula: cornmeal 40%, bean cake 30%, bran 27%, salt, bone meal, and auxin each 1%, 10-30 days old concentrate dosage does not exceed 0.5 kg /Day, 0.75 kg/day of concentrate for 31-60 days, 1.5 kg/day after 6 months of age.

2) The nutritional needs of growing cows. The feeding amount of concentrated feed is 1-1.5 kg/day before the first birthday, 2-3 kg/day after the first birthday, 14-16 kg/day for silage and root feed, and 4-6 kg/day for hay.

3) The nutritional needs of young cattle. During this period, good quality roughage should be given (a limited amount of silage), and the standard for the amount of concentrated feed is 3-3.5 kg/day. In particular, it is necessary to increase the reserves of vitamin A, calcium and phosphorus. If the body condition is poor, the amount of concentrate input can be appropriately increased under normal digestion. It can be gradually increased to 4-7 kg/day 2-3 months before delivery to meet the needs of feeding a large amount of concentrate after delivery, but it should not be overweight.

2. Adult cow nutrition

1) The perinatal period. The feed is diversified, and more high-quality hay is fed, and some laxative feed is added. The amount of concentrated feed is 2-2.5 kg/day. Don't give too much concentrate and juicy food when breasts are swollen before delivery. At this time, feeding silage is prohibited. The amount of salt should be reduced to 25-50 grams per day. Do free exercises for 2 hours a day.

Cow cattle eating hay
Cow cattle eating hay

Give the cow a bran brine soup within half an hour after delivery (1 kg bran, 100 g salt, 10 kg water, and 300 g brown sugar). The temperature is 30-40°C. If the cow is very thirsty, increase the number of drinking water.

After 2-3 days of childbirth, gradually increase the concentrate, using the method of adding every other day, and increase the amount of concentrate between 0.5-1 kg each time, until the amount of concentrated milk does not rise and there is indigestion.

2), the prime of lactation. The general feeding principle is: mainly silage, green and root feed, and not too much concentrate, otherwise it will affect the health and breeding of the cow.

The diet adopts a combination of high energy (corn, silage, high-quality hay) and appropriate amount of protein (bean cake, concentrated feed). The normal concentrate input amount is 2 kg/day for the base material, and 1 kg of concentrate for every 2.5-3 kg of milk produced. The general feeding standard is that the daily production of 20 kg of milk is 7-8.5 kg/day, and the daily production of milk is 30 kg. The feeding rate is 8.5-10 kg/day, and the daily milk production is 40 kg and 10-12 kg/day.

3) Mid-lactation. Milk production gradually decreases, and the normal decline is 5-7%. At this time, the cow has a strong appetite to supplement the negative nutritional balance that occurred in the previous period of lactation. Continue to use full-price compound feed to feed, while gradually reducing the amount of concentrate based on milk production.

4), late lactation. The feeding principle is to add 1 kg of concentrate for every 2.5 kg of fresh milk produced, plus 2 kg of base material. On this basis, increase the feeding standard by 10-20%, so that the cows can gradually recover their weight as soon as possible, but the cows should not be overweight. Next milk production. The normal feeding amount is 5-6 kg/day. The formula is the same as in mid-lactation. The ratio of roughage in the diet should be higher, 55-60%, 15 kg/day of silage, and about 10 kg of hay.

5), dry milk period. The feed is diversified, drinking water is sufficient, and the amount of concentrate feed is 3-4 kg/day.

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