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50,000 ton/year Factory Price Easy to Maintain Cattle and Sheep Alfalfa Forage Grass Pelletizing Production Line

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I. Construction Background of Cattle and Sheep Alfalfa Forage Grass Pelletizing Production Line Project

Alfalfa has a protein content of more than 15% and is also rich in other nutrients. It is the best feed for the development of aquaculture. Suzhou District is a big county for cattle and sheep. There are many large-scale chicken farms and cattle and sheep farms, and there is a large demand for livestock and poultry feed. The construction of alfalfa feed deep processing project in Suzhou District has huge market potential.

Alfalfa Forage Production Line
Alfalfa Forage Production Line

II. Construction Content of Cattle and Sheep Alfalfa Forage Grass Pelletizing Production Line Project

The project site is located in Zongzhai Industrial Park, covering an area of ​​50 acres. It will build a production line of 50,000 tons of alfalfa forage pellets per year, supporting the construction of drying plants, processing workshops, packaging workshops, finished products workshops, offices, dormitory buildings, etc. Including grass extract powder, grass grains, grass cakes and protein.

III. Composition Scope of Cattle and Sheep Alfalfa Forage Grass Pelletizing Production Line Project

1. Production workshop: build a new alfalfa pellet feed workshop with an annual output of 50,000 tons

2. Auxiliary workshop: new raw material factory, finished product warehouse

3. Power facilities: power distribution room, boiler room

4. Life service facilities: office building, dormitory, doorman

5. Pipeline network engineering: pipelines for water supply and drainage, power supply, public steam engine fire protection, etc.

6. Others: hardened ground, greening and disinfection pool facilities, etc.

IV. Equipment and Technology of the Cattle and Sheep Alfalfa Forage Grass Pelletizing Production Line

The main processing technology of the project is: bale feeding-rapid crushing-moisture drying-mixing measurement-mixed additives-granulating-cooling-baling.

alfalfa pellet making machine

To make alfalfa pellets, the first and most important thing you have to own is an alfalfa pellet mill machine. If you want to make pellets for sale, the alfalfa pellet making machine with large yield will be suitable. But if your goal is for own use, a small alfalfa pellet machine can meet your need.

alfalfa pellet making machine
alfalfa pellet making machine

Take RICHI the leading manufacturer and supplier in China as example, we can provide you both large scale alfalfa feed pellet production line and the alfalfa pellet mill for small scale production. You can choose one of them according to your need.

VI.How to make alfalfa grass into alfalfa pellets?

Production steps

The fresh forage is harvested and sent to the forage grinder. After being crushed by the grinder, it is sent to the screw feeder by the belt conveyor. The screw speed, combustion furnace or hot blast stove is automatically determined according to the system temperature. The air medium is quickly heated to 500~800℃. The heated air medium is in full contact with the material in the three-stage drying drum. The plate in the drum continuously throws the material up and exchanges heat with the medium. After fully dewatering The material becomes lighter. The lightened material is quickly carried out of the drying cylinder by the airflow. The material with larger water content will continue to be dried in the drum until the water content is qualified and brought into the pelletizer outside the cylinder. The pelletizer is pressed into pellets with a diameter of 1-12mm, which can be used as feed pellets or fuel pellets according to the application. After the granules from the granulator pass through the screening system and cooling system, they are packaged and sold.

Seven. Investment estimate: The total investment of the project estimate is 50 million RMB.

Eight. benefit analysis

After the project is completed, the annual output value will be 75 million RMB, the profit and tax will be 15 million RMB, and the investment payback period will be 5 years.

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