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How to Choose Premix for Cattle Feed Manufacturers?

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The premix contains vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and other functional additives necessary for the growth and development of livestock and poultry, and the specifications are mostly 1% to 5%. After the farmers buy it back, they only need to follow the recommended formula. High-quality raw materials are crushed and mixed to become complete feed. As long as the premix is ​​used reasonably, the feed quality can be guaranteed, while the production cost can be reduced, and good results can be achieved.


For large-scale cattle farms, they usually produce cattle feed pellets and premixes themselves. A feed pellet machine or a feed pellet production line can easily solve the above problems. For large-scale feed factories, there are scientific formulas and premix processing equipment, so they can be trusted. For some cattle-raising companies or cattle-raising households, they are unable to purchase feed pellet machinery and equipment, so they can only purchase premixes. Today, I will introduce the main points of the selection and use of premix feed. How to choose a premix?

The main points of selection and use of premixed feed:

1. Use materials carefully

At present, there are many brands of premixes with different quality. The types and quality of additives in premixes are also very different. Therefore, the choice of premixes should not only look at the price, but more importantly, the quality. It is necessary to choose high reputation and processing equipment. Good manufacturers and brands with strong technical force and stable product quality.

2. Special materials

Different premixes are formulated according to the nutritional needs of different growth stages of different livestock and poultry. When in use, the breeds and growth stages of the livestock and poultry raised should be consistent with the scope of application of the premix, that is, the special material is dedicated, not mixed, and not universal. The use of pig premixes on dairy cows has occurred in production, causing dairy cows to die.

3. Use strictly according to the prescribed dosage

The amount of premix is ​​carefully designed and formulated by the premix plant according to different types of livestock and poultry and at different growth and development stages, especially large-scale premixes containing calcium, phosphorus, salt and animal protein. Add the specified ratio. Some farmers use the premix as a seasoning and the amount of addition is insufficient; some farmers use the premix as an all-purpose medicine and blindly increase the amount of addition; some mix products from different manufacturers. Do not add it according to the prescribed dosage, it will cause the nutrition imbalance of the feeding animal, which not only increases the feeding cost, but also affects the growth and development of livestock and poultry, and even poisoning occurs.

4. Reasonable use of recommended formula

For the premix purchased by farmers, there is a recommended formula on the feed label or product packaging bag. This formula is a general formula. Farmers who can prepare various ingredients in the recommended formula can use the recommended formula. It is also possible to make full use of the advantages of local raw materials. Ask the technicians of the premix manufacturer for on-site guidance. Do not adjust the formula at will, otherwise the nutritional imbalance of the formulated full-price feed will affect the use effect.

5. Grasp the quality of feed ingredients

The amount of premix is ​​only 1% to 5%, and 95% to 99% of the ingredients are feed ingredients, so the quality of raw materials is very important. At present, the quality of feed ingredients in the rural market varies greatly. Therefore, we should try our best to choose ingredients from well-known and reputable manufacturers.

How to choose a premix correctly?

1. Formal enterprise, reputable enterprise. As the core ingredient of the complete feed, premix is ​​the most important component, and compliance and legality are the most important. This directly affects the safety and stability of the pig farm. It can be said that it must be the first consideration.

2. The product has a good reputation. With the rise of the Internet in the agriculture and animal husbandry industry, more and more pig-raising netizens have been added. This provides us pig farmers with a good communication tool, faster information transmission and a wider range. Just like the pig forum, everyone can share pig raising experience and the effect of product use. Therefore, the Internet can greatly expose product quality. The quality of products is evaluated by pig farmers, who can directly affect product sales, and manufacturers pay more attention to product quality.

3. Don't judge the quality of feed based on personal senses. Whether the feed is good or not, it should be judged by data such as the ratio of money to meat to feed to meat and daily gain of our pig farm. This requires our pig farmers to pay attention to data, feeding data, feed to meat ratio data, and money to meat ratio data.

4. Choose a good platform. This can be said to be as important as product quality. Although the current feed industry is in a situation of oversupply, it cannot change the status quo of pig farmers as a vulnerable group. Whenever you encounter quality problems, etc., pig farmers are very passive. Therefore, choosing a platform that is responsible for recognition is a safety guarantee for pig farmers.

The main points of the selection and use of mixed feed, how to choose a premix correctly? This is the end of the introduction for everyone, and I hope it will help you! The type of feed fed can be adjusted according to the growth cycle, and it can also be fed with special feeding during special periods. Pay attention to improving the digestive ability of the animal's stomach. Do not feed moldy or deteriorating feed, clean and chop it before feeding.

Richi mechanical premix feed production line

Main Materials: Various kinds of micro mineral element, vitamins((Vitamin A,Vitamin E,VitaminK,Vitamin Bl,Vitamin 82,Vitamin B6,Vitamin 812)), Synthetic amino acid, some medicine and some other additive, etc.The content is small, variety is many and mainly is powder type.

Capacity: 1-72T/H

Premix Feed Formula:

Finished Pellet:

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