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Donkey feed pellet machine and donkey feed formula

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Many people raise donkeys mainly because of the high price, which gives people the impression that donkeys have less disease, good palatability, and better income than cows. Donkeys are easier to raise than other breeding, but they also need breeding technology. No matter what technology is the most important, the reason for failure is often technical. Raising donkeys is for profit, and no one will do it if it is not profitable.

I. How to Produce Donkey Feed Pellets

If it is to produce commercial feed pellets, it is inseparable from the donkey feed pellet machine. Of course, if large donkey-raising companies have the strength, purchasing donkey feed pellet machines or pellet production line equipment to produce feed pellets can greatly reduce feed costs. The major operations involved in the production of donkey feed pellets are: raw materials preparation, primary crushing, molasses mixing, fine crushing, pellet making and packaging(optional)

Donkey and feed pellet machine
Donkey and feed pellet machine

1.Raw and auxiliary materials are first charged into silos and tanks where they are made ready for further processing. They are then processed by primary crusher. Crushed materials are further separated by means of a sieve, and then stored in the assorting tanks according to the kind of raw materials.

2.The raw materials are then mixed by means of a feed mixer. In this process, fatty ingredients are added to the materials in order to raise the nutritional value of the feed. The feed obtained from the mixer is blended with molasses.

3.Assorted animal feed that is crushed into fine particles is further formed into pellets by a donkey feed pellet mill.

Technical Parameters of Donkey Feed Pellet Machine

II. What Raw Materials Are Needed to Raise Donkeys

1. Energy Feed

① Corn: more starch and less protein, it should be matched with protein feed and supplemented with calcium and phosphorus. Prevent the use of moldy and deteriorated raw materials.

② Oats: less starch, high crude fiber content, and oat seeds contain malt alkali, so they should not be fed in large quantities.

③Sorghum: The nutritional value is lower than that of corn, and it contains tannic acid. It has poor palatability and can easily cause constipation.

④Barley: Energy value and feed value are lower than corn, containing β-glucan. However, cattle can make better use of the β-glucan in barley, so it is a high-quality raw material for cattle. Do not crush it too finely.

⑤Rice bran: high fat content, easy to rancid in summer, and easy to be infected with Aspergillus flavus, so it is not suitable for long-term storage. Due to the high fat content of rice bran, the dietary supplement should not exceed 20%, otherwise it is easy to overweight cattle.

⑥ Roots and tubers: commonly used are: sweet potatoes, potatoes, pumpkins, carrots and so on.

⑦Vegetable oils: Common vegetable oils include soybean oil, rapeseed oil, cottonseed oil, sunflower oil, etc., and the amount added in the diet is generally 1% to 2.5%.

Energy Feed
Energy Feed

2. Protein Feed

① Soybeans should be cooked or fried before feeding to destroy the antitrypsin contained in them and increase their palatability.

② Although peas and broad beans have less protein and fat content than soybeans, they have a good effect on the growth and rejuvenation of donkeys.

③In the cake type feed, soybean cake and black bean cake are the most commonly used, with good protein quality, comprehensive nutrition, aromatic taste, and donkeys like to eat, but pay attention to the supplement of calcium feed.

④The peanut cake is sweet and has good palatability, but it is easy to mold and should not be stored for a long time. It can be fed fresh.

⑤The cottonseed cake contains gossypol toxin and should be detoxified, and the feeding amount should not exceed 0.5-1 kg/head. The cake feed should be crushed or chopped first, and then mixed with grass to feed the donkey.

III. Quick Fattening Concentrate Formula for Donkey

1. Corn-soybean meal type

Corn 64%, wheat bran 8%, soybean meal 24%, meat donkey fast growth vegetarian 4%, Sufeiling 0.2%

2. Corn-soybean meal-soybean type

Corn 63%, soybean meal 20%, fried soybeans or black beans 13%, meat donkey fast growth vegetarian 4%, Sufeiling 0.2%

3. Corn-soybean meal-soybean type

Corn 60%, wheat bran 6%, soybean meal 20%, fried soybeans or black beans 10%, meat donkey fast growth vegetarian 4%, Sufeiling 0.2%

4. Corn-soybean meal-peanut cake type

Corn 62%, wheat bran 6%, soybean meal 16%, peanut cake 12%, meat donkey fast growth vegetarian 4%, Sufeiling 0.2%

5. Corn-soybean meal-sunflower cake type

Corn 62%, soybean meal 18%, sunflower cake 16%, meat donkey fast growth vegetarian 4%, Sufeiling 0.2%

6. Corn-soybean meal-DDGS type

Corn 60%, wheat bran 5%, soybean meal 16%, DDGS 15%, meat donkey fast growth element 4%, Sufeiling 0.2%

7. Corn-soybean meal-flax cake type

Corn 65%, soybean meal 13%, flax cake 18%, meat donkey fast growth vegetarian 4%, Sufeiling 0.2%

8. Corn-soybean meal-rapeseed cake type

Corn 62%, wheat bran 8%, soybean meal 20%, rapeseed cake 6%, meat donkey fast growth vegetarian 4%, Sufeiling 0.2%

9. Corn-sunflower cake type-soybean type

Corn 60%, sunflower cake 21%, fried soybean or black bean 15%, meat donkey fast growing vegetarian 4%, Sufeiling 0.2%

Donkey feed pellet
Donkey feed pellet

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