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Scientifically Feeding Animals With Cold-resistant Feed

Date: 12/31/2020 08:33:27 From: Clicks:

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In the low temperature season, proper feeding of some cold-resistant feed can strengthen the metabolism of pigs, cattle and sheep, enhance physical fitness, improve disease resistance, and relieve cold stress, thereby promoting the growth and development of pigs, cattle and sheep. The commonly used cold-resistant feeds are as follows:

Pigs eat feed
Pigs eat feed

1. Distillers' grains: including white wine's grains and brewer's grains. In addition to being rich in protein and minerals, it also contains a certain amount of ethanol. It has high heat and is usually called "Fire feed". It can improve digestion and strengthen blood circulation. It expands blood vessels on the body surface and produces warmth. Applied in winter, it has obvious anti-cold stress effect. Both have adverse effects on the fetus and male function, so they are not suitable for pregnant females and breeding males.

2. Root bark: vegetable root bark contains minerals that can protect against cold. When used as feed, it can enhance the cold resistance of farmed animals. Celery root, coriander root, spinach root, cabbage root and other vegetable scraps, as well as carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes and other roots can be used as warm feed. When using this type of feed, be sure to keep the skin.

3. Grain: soybeans are warm in taste and sweet in frying. It is a warm feed with 37.9% crude protein. It is not only an excellent vegetable protein feed, but also a cold and warm feed. Black soybeans contain 36.68% crude protein, are mild in nature and sweet in taste, and are extremely hot for frying. They are a good cold-resistant and warm-keeping feed. Barley is mild and salty in nature. It is a warm feed and has a good cooked effect. In addition, rice and straw are also warm feeds.

4. Meat products: lamb and dog meat produce high calories, and are the first choice for keeping warm and cold-resistant feed for carnivorous and omnivorous livestock and poultry in winter. Animal liver contains more iron (animals are particularly afraid of cold when iron is deficient) and is easy to absorb. In winter, some animal livers are appropriately fed to livestock and poultry to supplement iron and protect against cold. Freshwater prawns are warm and sweet. They are high-calorie feeds. They have the effect of invigorating the kidneys and strengthening yang and strengthening male functions. They are suitable for animals that are weak and afraid of cold in winter. Unsalted fresh prawns can be used directly. Salted dried prawns need to be immersed in water to remove salt application.

5. Feed pellets: the feed pellet machine is a kind of mechanical equipment commonly used in the manufacture of feed pellets. It can be reasonably matched according to the type of feed, and then through the crushing, mixing, pelletizing and other processes, the produced feed pellets are nutritious, which is more worry-free a feed.

How does the feed plant produce feed? Feed mills generally produce powder feed and pellet feed, but powder feed is far inferior to pellet feed in terms of storage and palatability. Therefore, general feed factories will establish animal feed pellet production lines, such as cattle feed pellets production line, sheep feed pellets production line, pig feed pellets production line, sheep feed pellets production line and so on.

What is the process sequence of the feed pellet production line?

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