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Raw and Cooked Feed for Livestock and Poultry

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Feed is the foundation of raising livestock and poultry. It is very important to master the "raw" and "cooked" of feed, otherwise it will not only reduce its nutritional value, but also cause harm to livestock and poultry. For cooked feeding, you can consider using a feed pellet machine or a complete set of feed pellet production line equipment to process the feed, so that the produced feed pellets not only have a very good maturation degree, but also have a good palatability. Animals love to eat and have a very good nutritional value. high. 

Cow eating grass
Cow eating grass

I. Feeds Suitable for Feeding

1. Green grass, new vegetables, ryegrass, sudangrass, skewered grass, amaranth, grain amaranth, beet leaves, etc. are rich in vitamins, chlorophyll, and have good palatability when fed raw. If fed cooked, not only a large amount of nutrients will be destroyed. And it will produce harmful ingredients such as nitrite.

2. The silage is made by microbial anaerobic fermentation. It preserves many nutrients, is green and tender, juicy and delicious, and contains a large amount of acetic acid and lactic acid, which is good for digestion, sterilization and disease prevention. It is suitable for raw feeding and avoiding ripening. Hey.

II. Feed That Should Be Cooked


1. Cottonseed cakes and vegetable cakes contain free gossypol and sulphur glucoside toxicants respectively, which require high temperature to detoxify. Bean cakes and soybeans must also be dipped at a high temperature to reduce the harmful components of trypsin inhibitors and saponin.

2. Sorghum and pumpkin contain tannin and urease respectively. Tannin has an effect on amino acids in feed, and urease can produce harmful gas ammonia in the body of poultry, causing adverse irritation to the digestive tract.

3. Potatoes and cassava contain harmful compounds such as solanine and hydrocyanic acid.

4. Aquatic plants such as water peanuts, water hyacinth, water lotus, water chestnut vine, etc. mostly have parasites and eggs. If fed raw, livestock and poultry are prone to parasitic diseases such as coccidia, hookworm, and filaria.

The above feed can kill harmful bacteria after being subjected to high temperature. It has good palatability and high nutritional value, which is loved by animals. And it is convenient to store and transport.

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