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30 Tons/hour Mixed Cattle and Sheep Feed Additive Production Line Project

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Feed additives are widely used in animal feed production lines, whether it is sheep and cattle feed pellet production line, poultry feed pellet production lines, and livestock feed pellet production lines. The project introduced today is a mixed animal feed additive production line with an annual output of 80,000 tons. According to the number of days and hours of production in a year, it is roughly equivalent to a 30 tons/hour mixed cattle and sheep feed additive production line per hour.

30 Tons/hour Mixed Cattle and Sheep Feed Additive Production Line Project
30 Tons/hour Mixed Cattle and Sheep Feed Additive Production Line Project

1. Feed Additives

Feed additives refer to small or trace substances added in the process of feed production, processing and use. The amount of feed additives is small but the effect is significant. Feed additives are inevitable raw materials used in the modern feed industry. They have obvious effects on strengthening the nutritional value of basic feeds, improving animal production performance, ensuring animal health, saving feed costs, and improving the quality of livestock products.

2. 30 Tons/hour Mixed Cattle and Sheep Feed Additive Production Line Project Overview

(1) Project name: A production line of mixed animal feed additives with an annual output of 80,000 tons, and a production line of mixed cattle and sheep feed additives with an annual output of 30 tons.

(2) Construction site: Huangwutun Town, Qinzhou City

(3) Total investment: 30 million RMB

(4) Area: The total area of ​​the project is 14,434 square meters

(5) Construction content: It covers an area of ​​approximately 14,434 square meters. Including 1 office building, 1 guard room,

There are 1 canteen, 1 warehouse and 1 production workshop with complete water and electricity facilities. The product scale is 80,000 tons of mixed feed additives per year. The main construction content of the project is shown in Table 1.

Table 1 List of main project contents of the project

Engineering category project name Engineering Content Production function
structural work
Production workshop 736m 2 For product production
  warehouse 930m 2 Storage of raw materials and finished products
Auxiliary engineering
Office building 742m 2 Office
  canteen 200m 2 /
  Guard room 15m 2 /
Public works
powered by Municipal Power Supply Station /
  Water supply well /
Environmental Engineering
Waste gas treatment facilities
Closed workshop + pulse dust collector, mobile dust collector Meet the standard
in Table 2 of "Comprehensive Emission Standard of Air Pollutants (GB16297-1996)"
    Canteen lampblack  
Range hood
Achieve "cooking fume emission standards (test
line)" (GB18483-2001) small standard (2mg / m3)
  Noise control design
Equipment shock absorption, sound insulation, greening Reduce noise during operation
Wastewater treatment facilities
Grease trap + septic tank
Canteen sewage treated first by a septic tank and grease trap after treatment with other sewage, septic tanks, sewage treatment compliance after use
to irrigate the surrounding woodland green, not discharged.
Solid waste treatment facilities
trash can Cleared regularly by the sanitation department
    General solid waste temporary storage point Set solid waste staging point, back after collection
back to the production line re-use.

3. Product Plan of 30 Tons/hour Mixed Cattle Sheep Feed Additive Production Line Project

The main products of the project are shown in Table 2.

Table 2 Project product scale

Serial number name Quantity Performance parameter
1 Additive premix feed 4000 tons With a feed additive and soybean meal, wheat bran and other materials
2 Mixed feed additives 4000 tons
Mixed from various enzyme preparations such as xylanase and cellulase, starch and zeolite powder, etc.

4. Main Production Equipment of 30 Tons/hour Mixed Cattle Sheep Feed Additive Production Line Project

The main production equipment of the project is shown in Table 3.

Table 3 Main production equipment of the project

Serial number name Quantity Remarks
1 Bucket elevator 2 sets Purchase
2 Feeding screw 1 set Purchase
3 Outfeed conveyor screw 1 set Purchase
4 Automatic measuring packaging machine 1 set Purchase
5 Water drop hammer mill 1 set Purchase
6 Superfine grinder 1 set Purchase
7 Continuous mixer 1 set Purchase
8 Air compressor 2 sets Purchase
9 Pulse dust collector 6 units Purchase

5. Main Raw and Auxiliary Materials and Energy Consumption

Table 4 List of main raw and auxiliary materials of the project

Name of raw materials
Quantity (10,000 tons/year)
Storage location
  Zeolite powder 0.3 Outsourcing warehouse
  Soybean meal 2.5 Outsourcing warehouse
  Wheat bran 1.5 Outsourcing warehouse
  Magnesium Sulfate 0.1 Outsourcing warehouse
  Dicalcium Phosphate 0.3 Outsourcing warehouse
  Cysteine 0.2 Outsourcing warehouse
  Lysine 0.2 Outsourcing warehouse
  Methionine 0.1 Outsourcing warehouse
  choline 0.2 Outsourcing warehouse
  Vitamin additives 0.1 Outsourcing warehouse
  Mineral additives 0.5 Outsourcing warehouse
  Microbial additives 0.2 Outsourcing warehouse

Note: (1) This project does not involve the synthesis and preparation of various enzyme preparations, proteins and amino acids. The construction party directly purchases finished products from professional companies. This project only involves the mixing of feed additives and pre-mixed feed. (2) The project does not involve raw and auxiliary materials with heavy odors such as fish meal and essence, and the raw and auxiliary materials (enzyme preparation, protein and amino acid) of the project are stored in sealed bags to reduce the original

6. Labor Quota and Work System of Mixed Cattle Sheep Feed Additive Production Line Project

There are 40 project employees, 10 of whom live in the factory. There is a canteen in the factory. The annual production is 300 days, and the working system is an 8-hour working system.

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