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Hot-selling 6 T/H Cattle and Chicken Feed Pellet Production Line

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Q: I am from Ecuador, I am interested in a feed plant for cattle feed and chicken feed, for a production of 6 tons hour, it can be used or new equipment. I know that Richi Machinery is a strong company. So, please give me a quote for 6 tons/hour cattle feed pellet production line and chicken feed pellet line, please give me the best price, thank you!

6 T/H Cattle and Chicken Feed Pellet Production Line
6 T/H Cattle and Chicken Feed Pellet Production Line

A: Hello, friends from Ecuador. I am very pleased to receive your email, and very pleased that you have recognized and trusted our company, Richi Machinery. Both the 6 tons/hour cattle feed pellet production line and the chicken feed pellet line belong to the 6 tons/hour feed pellet production line, but the cattle feed formula is different from the chicken feed formula. According to your needs, you can choose to build a 6 tons/hour feed pellet production line, or build two 6 tons feed pellet production lines.

Richi Machinery’s quotations to customers have always been our ex-factory prices. In the feed machinery industry, our prices are very competitive. And our quality and after-sales service are among the best in the world. Because every feed production line project requires our technical team to make a plan based on the customer's site, budget and output. Therefore, we will offer you a quotation after designing a free plan for you! Please contact our business manager and tell her your budget and venue size.

I. Cattle Feed and Chicken Feed Combined Production Line Process

1. The first step is to have a silo for storing raw materials.

2. The second step is to establish a first-class receiving raw material system.

3. The next one on the list is the main feeder: batching scale

4. Continue to install the crushing device: cattle and chicken feed hammer mill

5. At this time, you will have to introduce the second batch of ingredients. The mixing system should be added at this time.

The main feed machine in this section: horizontal cattle and chicken feed mixer

6. After the mixer is installed, it can enter the granulation system.

The main feed machine in this part: SZLH350 cattle feed pellet machine

7. The cooling system is the next step to help cool the crushed materials.

The main feeder of this part: pellet cooler

8. Bagging or packaging equipment is still the last step in designing your own animal feed pellet machine: automatic packaging machine

II. Precautions for the United Animal Feed Production Line

1. It is better for you not to produce poultry feed and cattle feed in one feed production line,that may course diseases of the animals;If you are to do so,do remember to clean all the machines before you change the formula.

2. When you make your business plan in feed industry,you must first get the formula you need.This will also help me to design the technical process of the feed production line accurately for you.

3. Normally,pig feed and poultry feed and other animal feed can share one feed production line(not including floating fish feed but sinking fish feed is OK),cattle feed should not be done at the same line.

III. Richi Machinery Feed Pellet Production Line Project Case

1.Tanzania 1-2T/H Chicken Feed Pellet Production Line

2. Uzbekistan 3-5T/H Chicken Feed Pellet Plant

3. Algeria Two Sets 3-5T/H poultry Feed Pellet Lines

4. Kenya 5T/H Computer Batching Powder Chicken Feed Line

5. Uzbekistan 10T/H Poultry Feed Pellet Line+5T/H Permix Feed Line

6. 3-5T/H Ruminant Animal Feed Pellet Line Export To Indonesia

7. 5-6T/H Cattle Feed+10T/H Chicken Feed Pellet Production Line Export To Saudi Arabia

8. 10T/H Ruminant Feed Pellet Line Export To South Africa

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