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Palestine 4T/H Alfalfa feed pellet production line project

Date: 07/10/2020 08:36:04 From: Clicks:

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The customer is from Palestine and is a company specializing in the production of alfalfa feed pellets. Purchased a 4T/H alfalfa feed pellet production line at Richi Machinery, which is now in production operation.

the alfalfa pellet production plant in industry contains the following necessary machines: hammer mill, rotary dryer, mixing bin, conveyor, industrial alfalfa pellets mill, pellet cooler, pellet sifter and pellets packing machine. Here are these machines related to making alfalfa pellets that you may want to know. We have successfully set up many large pellets manufacturing lines in different countries with different raw materials.

Palestine 4T/H Alfalfa feed pellet production line project
Palestine 4T/H Alfalfa feed pellet production line project

Benefits of Alfalfa

1.A food source for dairy cows, beef cattle, sheep, horses, and even zoo animals.

2.Legumes such as alfalfa convert atmospheric nitrogen into forms that plants can use.

3.Facilitates soil conservation by reducing soil erosion.

4.A wildlife habitat for hundreds of animals, including some endangered species.

5.Lots of open space is created, which provides beauty.

6.Flowers on the plant make alfalfa honey the main honey crop in the U.S.

7.A habitat for over 1,000 diverse species of insects, spiders, and mites.

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