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Uganda Animal Feed Line Project

Date: 06/28/2020 08:58:16 From: Clicks:

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animal feed pellet machine
animal feed pellet machine

Animal feed line has been deliveryed to Uganda, If you are interested in animal feed machinery, or you want to know about us, please contact us. Richi specialize in pelletizing solutions.

Project Name: Animal Feed Pellet Production Line

Project Location: Uganda

Production Output: 1~2 ton per hour.

Application: Chicken feed / fodder.

Feed Formulation: Maize, soya, soya cake, sunflower cake, wheat bran, premix, fish meal, soybean oil, bone meal.

Uganda Animal Feed Line Project
Uganda Animal Feed Line Project

In order to have a successful chicken feed pellets line, you must have the infrastructural amenities such as a silo for storage of the raw and final products. In the USA for example, 90,000 tons of chicken feeds are consumed in 3 months which is a very high demand that needs to be met with a higher and consistent supply of the chicken feeds. This makes chicken feed pellets line a great investment. On the downside, the starting capital is high because the equipment and buildings are expensive plus the cost of suppliers. Expenditure too is high because of high electricity bills but on the brighter side, after settling, the profit obtained in the closing capital will be higher than the expenditure and injection into the business venture. Location is also important to consider when setting up the business. It is most likely to do well in the countryside and suburban areas where poultry farming is practiced. Setting up near the clients also reduces the expenditure on transportation.

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