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How To Strictly Control Feed Cost For Cattle Raising Enterprises

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If cattle-raising companies want to be profitable, they must strictly control the cost of cattle feed. Because the cost of cattle feed is relatively large, generally accounting for about 70% of the total cost, or even higher. Therefore, strict control of feed costs is the top priority of every beef producer.

If a cattle farm wants to reduce the cost of feed, it must understand several factors that affect the cost of cattle feed.

How To Strictly Control Feed Cost For Cattle Raising Enterprises
How To Strictly Control Feed Cost For Cattle Raising Enterprises

1. Blindly copy the feed formula of others.

To improve feed utilization and conversion rate and reduce feed costs, it is necessary to have a scientific feed formula. The survey found that about 40% of the cattle farms have the problem of blindly copying other people's feed formulas, resulting in uncoordinated raw material matching and unbalanced nutrition, thereby reducing utilization efficiency, causing feed waste, increasing feed costs, and directly affecting the economic benefits of cattle farms.

The properties of feed ingredients change but the formula remains unchanged. In autumn and winter, it is often heard that some cattle farmers complain that the quality of the premix or concentrate is not good, and the cattle can not eat long. According to the investigation, the reason for the slow growth of cattle is not caused by the quality of premix or concentrated feed, but by the excessive moisture of corn. In autumn and winter, the temperature is low, and cattle need more energy than in spring and summer. At this time, the corn is mostly newly harvested, and the moisture exceeds the standard. The feed is insufficient in energy. If the formula is not modified, it will affect The normal growth of cattle.

The treatment stage changes but the formula remains unchanged, mainly in:

Fattening cattle eats calf feed and causes waste. Some small cattle farm owners have relatively little professional knowledge and believe that eating calf feed for fattening cattle can increase nutrition and promote growth. In fact, doing so will result in waste of feed costs.

2. Improper feed processing technology

The processing machinery is of low grade or is not repaired or replaced in time after wear, resulting in insufficient crushing or uneven mixing.

Small cattle farms do not fully mix the ingredients manually, or the feeding order of additives, premixes, bulk materials, etc. is disordered, and waste caused by uneven mixing.

Weighers have a weak sense of responsibility or lack of understanding of the importance of accurate weighing of raw materials, and poor accuracy of the weighing machine leads to inaccurate weighing of raw materials, and compound feed does not meet the formula requirements.

Ignore the importance of raw materials. When one raw material is lacking, it is easy to substitute other raw materials or shoddy raw materials, such as replacing dry corn with wet corn.

In the spring and summer, the ingredient warehouse is damp or has dead corners, which leads to large errors in the quantity or quality of ingredients.

3. Improper handling of feed and raw materials after mold

Only pay attention to whether the moisture content of feed ingredients (such as corn) exceeds the standard when purchasing, and ignore whether it has been mildew before. Only focus on aflatoxin in feed ingredients, and ignore other mycotoxins such as ochratoxin, zearalenone, T-2 toxin, and fusarium toxin.

Only pay attention to the feed anti-mold work before feeding and ignore the influence of the mold in the trough and the pen on the cattle after feeding. The above conditions will affect the anti-mildew and anti-mildew effect of feed to varying degrees, so that the herd will inevitably suffer from mycotoxins. The light ones will grow slowly, and the severe ones will lead to reproductive obstacles and induce diseases.

How To Strictly Control Feed Cost For Cattle Raising Enterprises
Improper handling of feed and raw materials after mold

4. Improper management of feed use

Poor feed plan. Poor feed planning often leads to overstock or insufficient feed, and changes in feed formulations that do not correspond to the growth period and growing season, etc., affect the use effect.

When purchasing feed, price is more important than quality. Some cattle farm operators emphasize the price of raw materials or additives while ignoring the quality control when purchasing feed. Poor feed quality not only has low nutritional value, but also damages the growth of cattle. For example, a cattle farm greedily buys moldy raw materials, and as a result, the cattle on the farm have failed in immunity and suffered heavy losses.

Feeding standards are not determined according to the specific needs of the cattle at different stages, or the breeders have not implemented the standards carefully, resulting in waste of feed.

For a cattle farm with 200 heads, if the cattle are fed 0.2kg of feed per head per day, the current price will be used. The cost will increase by at least 2400 yuan a month; by analogy, if it occurs on a cattle farm with more than a thousand heads, the waste will be even more serious.

Some cattle farms do not pay attention to rain, moisture, and mildew protection in transportation vehicles that carry feed; the storage rooms of the cattle farms are not kept dry, and the ground is not padded with wood; the ventilation of the feed factory warehouses and the feed rooms of the cattle farms is poor, and the work of preventing rodents and rodents is not well done And so on, these factors can easily lead to feed deterioration and rodent damage.

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