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Alfalfa or Alfalfa Pellets: Which is Better for Horse?

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Q:What is better for horses: alfalfa pellets or alfalfa hay? Is there a significant difference between the two?

A:Nutrient-wise, alfalfa hay and alfalfa pellets are similar in content. The main difference between the two is the horse’s chew time when eating them. A horse will consume alfalfa pellets much faster than baled alfalfa. Because of this quicker chew time, stabled horses might develop stall vices from boredom. It also means the horse might also experience more time between meals, which is not ideal for digestive health.

Alfalfa Pellets are a premium protein source of nutrition for animals needing maintenance to higher levels of digestible energy. Alfalfa is often the preferred forage for horses because of its high quality and good roughage value. Certain situations might require a pelleted forage source, such as senior horses with poor teeth who can no longer eat long-stemmed forage or times of drought or hay shortage.

 alfalfa pellets & alfalfa hay
 alfalfa pellets & alfalfa hay

Alfalfa benefits

AlfalfaThe importance of a high plane of nutrition becomes critical when feeding certain classes of horses as stated above.

Gestating broodmares have increased requirements for all nutrients starting the eighth month of pregnancy and should be fed a diet that includes alfalfa. Feeding good-quality forage, including alfalfa hay or in the form of pellets, cubes, or with a ration that incorporates alfalfa meal, is the most natural way to help meet these requirements. Once lactation begins, the mare’s requirements can nearly double and again, the best way to help supplement nutrients is through the use of this excellent-quality forage.

Lactating mares will utilize the extra calories and calcium found in alfalfa to help produce high-quality milk for their foals. Interestingly, alfalfa is believed by some to be a galactagogue, a substance that induces lactation.

Growth also requires nutrient intake levels beyond maintenance of normal metabolism.

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