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Cattle Feed Pellet Production Line Is Inseparable From The Ring Die Alfalfa Pellet Machine

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Alfalfa is generally used in the production line of cattle feed pellets, because alfalfa has a high feeding value and is an ideal feed material for dairy and beef cattle. Because alfalfa pellets improve the quality of milk and meat production, they are widely used in cattle feed pellet production line.

Cattle Feed Pellet Plant
Cattle Feed Pellet Plant

Alfalfa pellet machine are generally divided into commercial alfalfa pellet machine and household alfalfa pellet machine. Household alfalfa pellet mill are small flat die pellet machine, which are generally used in households, with small output and convenient production. Commercial alfalfa pellet mill is what we call ring die pellet mill, with large output, stable performance and long life. Commercial alfalfa Pellet Machine are generally used in alfalfa pellet production lines.

Ring Die Alfalfa Pellet Machine

Model: MZLH

Capacity: 0.5 t/h - 10 t/h

Certification: CE & SGS & ISO

Final Pellet: 6-12mm

Cattle Feed Pellet Production Line Equipment

1. Alfalfa crusher

2. Mixer

3. Ring Die Alfalfa pellet machine

4. Cooling system

5. Screening system

6. Packaging system

7. Dust removal system

8. Transportation system

Alfalfa pellet mill, called lucerne pellet machine in South Africa, is used in many animal feed pellet production lines. Thanks to its high feeding value, alfalfa pellet is the perfect forage base for dairy cows, sheep and goats, horses, camels, rabbits and other livestock animals as it improves the production and quality milk and meat. It is successfuly employed in poultry feeding for layers and broilers.

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