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10,000 tons/year cattle and sheep pellet production line project in Inner Mongolia, China

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10,000 tons/year cattle and sheep pellet production line
10,000 tons/year cattle and sheep pellet production line

1. Construction site: Inner Mongolia, China;

2. Construction scale: production of 10,000 tons of concentrated pellet feed for cattle and sheep;

3. Construction period: one year(2006);

4. Construction content:

The project is constructed in Tianshan Town, Arukerqin Banner, Inner Mongolia, China. It covers a total area of ​​30 mu, of which the civil construction area is 1350 m2, and 6 sets of instruments and equipment and other supporting public facilities and equipment are introduced.

The specific construction content of the project is as follows; during the one-year construction period in 2006, a total of 300m2 of raw material warehouses, 400m2 of processing workshops, 100m2 of finished product packaging workshops, 200m2 of metal warehouses, 250m2 of office testing, staff living, etc., and corresponding water supply, power supply, and heating , Road greening and other facilities, and at the same time introduce 6 sets (sets) of mechanical equipment to make it reach the scale of producing more than 10,000 tons of concentrated pellets for cattle and sheep per year.

5. Project investment scale and capital composition:

The planned investment of the project is 2.873 million yuan, of which 1.073 million yuan is fixed asset investment, accounting for 37.35%, and the current capital investment is 1.8 million yuan, accounting for 62.65%. In the fixed asset investment, the construction project investment is 570,000 yuan, accounting for 53.0%; the purchase of equipment and installation costs are 396,000 yuan, accounting for 37.0%; other expenses are 107,000 yuan, accounting for 10.0%, and other expenses include 40,000 yuan in preparation Yuan, employee training costs 10,000 yuan, accounting for 4.7%; unforeseen costs 57,000 yuan, accounting for 5.3%. In the total investment, the self-raised funds were 1.373 million yuan, of which 573,000 yuan was used for fixed asset investment, and 800,000 yuan was used for circulating funds, accounting for 47.79%; 1.5 million yuan was applied for the development of autonomous regions and ethnic areas, including fixed asset investment 1.073 million yuan, accounting for 52.21%.

6. Project financing:

The total investment of the project is 2.873 million yuan, of which 1.373 million yuan is raised by the project construction unit and 1.5 million yuan is applied for autonomous region science and technology project funds.

7. Main technical and economic indicators:

Main technical indicators: According to the industry standards for cattle and sheep feed in the production of pollution-free food promulgated by the Ministry of Agriculture, the crude protein content of the compound feed reaches 12%-16%, the energy is 2200-2800 kcal/kg, the moisture content is ≤12%, and the trace amount The elements meet the NRC standard, and the rumen environmental control agent and other anti-disease factors are added. The daily gain of fattening cattle is more than 1000g, the daily gain of fattening sheep is 200g, the milk production of dairy cows is increased by 3% -5%, and the mortality of cattle and sheep is controlled within 1%.

8.Main economic indicators:

The project is designed to produce 10,000 tons of beef and sheep series concentrated feed, and it will produce 8,000 tons of beef and sheep concentrated feed when it reaches 80% of the designed capacity in 1 year. The sales income will be 15.52 million yuan and the annual production will be reached. 10,000 tons of beef and sheep concentrated feed, realizing sales income of 19.4 million yuan. The project is calculated for 10 years, and the average annual sales income is 19.012 million yuan. The total cost of the project in normal years is 18.527 million yuan, the total annual profit is 873,000 yuan, the project investment profit rate is 29.59%, the capital profit rate is 45.38%, and the break-even point is 22.67%, that is, the project production scale reaches 2267 tons with a guaranteed capital . The financial internal rate of return of the project is 38.00%, the financial net present value of I=10% is 10.371 million yuan, and the net investment payback period is 3.96 years (including the construction period of 1 year).

9. Project radiation scope and driving ability:

After the implementation of the project, the leading industry of cattle and sheep breeding in the region will be further cultivated and strengthened. Its products will be promoted and applied in 11 Sumu townships and Tianshan communities in the whole banner. After reaching the production capacity, it can satisfy 8,000 dairy cows, 800,000 mutton sheep, and 80,000 sheep. The demand for beef cattle concentrate has driven 24,000 farmers and herdsmen, 28,000 people engaged in beef cattle, mutton sheep, and dairy cattle breeding. The beneficiary population reached 100,000. The added net social benefit was 34.4 million yuan, and the per capita net income of the project beneficiaries was 344. yuan. Not only that, after the implementation of the project, it is conducive to the popularization and application of advanced technologies in animal husbandry. It can realize the intensive breeding of cattle and sheep in houses and half houses, and achieve the purpose of improving and restoring the degraded grassland ecological environment. The ecological benefits are huge. In addition, the implementation of the project can also provide large-scale enterprises such as Grassland Xingfa, Yili and other large enterprises that live in this banner with a sufficient amount of high-quality cattle and sheep products and other raw materials processing, which will increase the value and the social benefits are also very significant. At the same time, it can radiately drive the development of cattle and sheep breeding in Bahrain Left Banner, Bahrain Right Banner and adjacent Tongliao City, Xing'an League, Ximeng and other related surrounding areas.

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