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How to Buy Animal Feed?

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There are many kinds of animal feed according to different classifications, including full-price compound feed, concentrated feed and premix. According to the shape, there are powder feed, pellet feed, extruded feed and broken pellets. The powdered feed only needs to be crushed and mixed, the pellets need to use a feed pellet machine, and the extruded feed needs a feed extruder, generally used for fish and shrimp feed and pet feed. Crushed pellets are generally suitable for chickens and pigs, and suitable for baby animals not long after birth.

Animal Feed Pellet
Animal Feed Pellet

I. Feed Category

1. Full price compound feed. It can meet all the nutrients needed by livestock and poultry. It is made up of energy feed, protein feed, mineral feed, vitamins, amino acids and trace RMB additives according to the specified feeding standards. It is a kind of good quality and comprehensive nutrition. Balanced feed. This type of feed can be directly fed to livestock and poultry. If the farm is mainly used for breeding and hatching, full price feed can be purchased.

2. Concentrated feed. It is made by mixing protein feed, mineral feed and additive premix in a certain proportion. Concentrated feeds for pigs and chickens generally contain 25%-40% protein, and the content of minerals and vitamins is more than 2 times higher than the nutritional requirements of pigs and chickens. Therefore, this type of feed cannot be fed directly, but should be added according to the instructions. Can be fed after corn or other energy feed.

3. Additive premix. It refers to a homogeneous mixture of one or more micro-RMB element additive raw materials, carriers and diluents. After the micro-components are pre-mixed, it is beneficial to distribute them evenly in a large amount of feed. Additive premix is ​​a semi-finished product of compound feed. Generally, it has high technical content. It can be used for small and medium-sized feed factories to produce full-price compound feed or concentrated feed. It can be sold separately on the market, but it cannot be directly used to feed livestock and poultry. It needs to add protein. Mix well with energy feed.

4. Concentrate mixture. A supplementary concentrate used for ruminant livestock such as cattle and sheep. It is mainly composed of energy feed, protein feed and mineral feed to supplement the insufficient nutrients in the forage. If it is a dairy farm or a beef cattle farm, a fishery or a professional farmer who does not have the conditions to produce a mixed concentrate, then it is necessary to purchase a concentrate mixture.

II. Material Selection

1. Powdered feed. It is the basic type of compound feed. Concentrated feed, additive premix, and concentrate premix are generally powdered. The supplements for growing and finishing pigs, laying hens, breeders and herbivores are mostly powdered.

2. Pellet feed. It is a granular feed made by adding steam or high-pressure water to a pellet machine to form a powdered feed. It has less dust, complete nutrition and high digestibility. It is a good feed for young animals, but it will cause some nutrient loss during processing. Broilers, ducks, suckling pigs or piglets, and fish are generally suitable to choose pellets.

3. Extruded feed. Produced by an extruder, the materials undergo high temperature, high pressure, and high shear treatment during processing, so that the structure of the material changes, and the texture of the feed is loose, which can float on the water for a long time. The pelagic fishes, shrimps and ornamental animals with high economic value are best to choose extruded feed.

4. Broken pellets. The pellet feed is crushed by a crusher into crushed pellets with a diameter of 2 to 4 mm. Suitable for feeding by young animals. It is best to choose crushed pellets as the starter for chicks, ducklings and quail.

5. Block feed. It is a block feed that supplements trace amounts of RMB and other minerals when grazing cattle and sheep, commonly known as salt bricks.

III. Look at the Feed Pellet Mill Manufacturer

1. The manufacturer should personally inspect whether the factory has strong technical force, whether the quality control system is sound, whether the laboratory equipment and its operation are normal.

2. Check whether the feed label and outer packaging meet the requirements, see the degree of newness and wear and tear.

3. Experiment with small batches first, and choose brands with good results and stable quality.

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