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Does the fish feed extruder have a bactericidal effect?

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The production of cooked sinking aquatic products and poultry pellets can eliminate most of the toxins and anti-nutritional factors of anti-trypsin and urease contained in the materials, thus facilitating the digestion and absorption of the animals and improving the digestion and utilization of nutrients. The material effectively kills harmful bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Salmonella by high temperature and high pressure, ensures the hygiene of the feed, is beneficial to protein denaturation absorption and starch gelatinization, and is easy for livestock digestion.

The matured material is fully aged in about 10 seconds, and the expansion temperature varies depending on the raw materials, and generally ranges from 120 °C to 175 °C. Curing can destroy growth inhibitors in a very short period of time, processing in an anaerobic state, helping to preserve protein, energy and vitamin content, but also reducing browning of products due to oxidation; can improve product digestibility and Palatability.

fish feed extruder
fish feed extruder

The fish feed extruder sterilizes and removes the product at work: after high temperature and high pressure treatment, the pathogenic microorganisms in the material are killed in a large amount, such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella, protozoa, residual pesticides, etc., which can effectively prevent Pig white peony, jaundice and edema, improve the survival rate of young babies, and benefit the health of livestock and poultry.

In summary, the feed products produced by the fish feed extruder equipment not only have the effect of sterilization, but also can improve the nutrient composition of the feed and help the growth of the livestock. In this way, you must be assured of this device. I hope this information is helpful to you.

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