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800 Tons/day Large Pig Feed and Concentrated Pellet Production Line Project

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This article mainly introduces the pig feed pellet production line and the concentrated feed pellet production line process and the required equipment list. It also includes investment costs, floor space, consumption of raw and auxiliary materials, etc. Richi Machinery provides factory construction guidance for customers who want to invest in pig feed pellet production projects or concentrated pellet production projects in the early stage.

800 Tons/day Large Pig Feed and Concentrated Pellet Production Line Project
800 Tons/day Large Pig Feed and Concentrated Pellet Production Line Project

1. Project Construction Content and Construction Scale

The designed production scale of this project: an annual production of 240,000 tons of feed (20 thousand tons of concentrated feed, 100,000 tons of suckling pig feed, 120,000 tons of fat pig feed), that is, 800 tons/day large pig feed and concentrated pellet production line. There are two 40-60 T/H feed pellet production lines, and two SLZH858 feed pellet machine from Richi Machinery are used. The planned land area of ​​the project is about 55,687.38 square meters, and the total project investment is about 98 million yuan. The main construction content of the project includes: comprehensive building, workshop, warehouse, boiler room and supporting works of the site, public works, etc.

Pig Feed Pellet
Pig Feed Pellet

The plant of this project can be divided into three parts: production area, supporting facility area and office area according to process layout requirements. The production area is located in the middle of the land and on the north side of the land. It is composed of production workshops, raw material warehouses, finished product warehouses, etc.; the office area is located on the west side of the base; the supporting facilities area is located at the east of the base, mainly consisting of a boiler room and auxiliary rooms. The layout of the entire land is compact and regular, which meets the national requirements for the layout of industrial land. The project composition and project content are shown in Table 1, and the main technical and economic indicators of the project are shown in Table 2.

Table 1 Project composition and project content

Project classification project name Construction Content Remarks  
structural work Raw material library 2 buildings with a total of 16560m 2    
workshop 2 buildings with a total of 3800m 2    
Finished product library 2 buildings with a total of 16560m 2    
Research Building 2 buildings with a total of 10150m 2 5F  
Auxiliary engineering Comprehensive Building 1 building with 2F, 866.32m 2    
dormitory 1 building with 2F, 980m 2    
Boiler Room 180.00 m 2    
Coal shed 216.00 m 2    
Auxiliary room 3816.84 m 2    
Silo 3816.84 m 2    
Public works Water supply Park water supply network    
powered by Park power supply network, power distribution room 288 m 2    
Environmental Engineering Greening Green area 8342m 2    
Exhaust Boiler: wet desulfurization (calcium method) + bag dust removal + 40m chimney
process dust: air collecting hood + pulse bag filter + 15m exhaust
tube Fume: oil fume purifier + exhaust pipe
Sewage treatment facility Septic tank, canteen grease trap    
RCPs The southwest corner of the plant, covering an area of ​​50m 2    

Table 2 Table of main technical and economic indicators

Serial number project name unit Engineering Amount Remarks
1 Total area m 2 55,687.38  
2 Total surface area m 2 56284.00  
among them 1#Raw material library m 2 8280.00  
2#Raw material library m 2 8280.00  
3#Workshop m 2 1900.00  
4#Workshop m 2 1900.00  
5#Finished product library m 2 8280.00  
6#Finished product library m 2 8280.00  
1#Research Building m 2 5075.00 5F
2#Research Building m 2 5075.00 5F
Comprehensive Building m 2 866.32 2F
dormitory m 2 980.20 2F
Boiler Room m 2 180.00  
Coal shed m 2 216.00  
Auxiliary room m 2 384.00  
Silo m 2 3816.84  
Power distribution room m 2 288.00  
Guard room m 2 59.64  
3 Building density / 47.58%  
4 Volume rate   1.01  
5 Greening rate % 14.98  
6 parking space A 26  

2. Raw and Auxiliary Materials

Table 3 List of raw and auxiliary materials consumption

Serial number name unit Annual consumption Remarks
1 corn t 118540 Solid, no odor, non-toxic
2 Soybean meal t 77210 Solid, no odor, non-toxic
3 Peruvian Fish Meal t 10670 Powder, no odor, no toxicity
4 wheat t 10670 Powder, no odor, no toxicity
5 65% lysine t 1810  
6 Dicalcium Phosphate t 3070  
7 coal t 2572 Zixing Local
8 Electricity Wando 480  

3. Description of Feed Production Process

Flow chart of 50-60T/H feed pellet production line
Flow chart of 50-60T/H feed pellet production line

(1) Raw material receiving system

Shredded material: Pour the material to be crushed into the pit, transport it to the elevator through the scraper conveyor, lift it to the cylinder for preliminary cleaning and sieve, then enter the permanent magnet cylinder to oscillate, enter the distributor and be distributed to the silo to be crushed. To be crushed.

Feeding of auxiliary materials without crushing: transported by a scraper conveyor to a hoist, and then lifted to a cylindrical powder sieve, then enters the permanent magnet cylinder to oscillate, and then transported by a scraper conveyor to the distributor to be distributed to ingredients Warehouse, to be mixed ingredients.

(2) Crushing system

The material to be crushed is in the silo to be crushed, and enters the crusher through the feeder for crushing, and then the crushed material is transported to the elevator through the screw conveyor, and then is lifted to the distributor, and then enters the batching silo to be mixed.

(3) Batching mixing system

The batching in the batching bin is passed through an automatic batching scale to make the raw material mixing ratio to a fixed value, and a certain amount of grease is added at the same time. Then the raw materials enter the mixer for mixing, and then enter the smashing bin through the scraper conveyor for two After pulverization, it passes through the elevator to the finished product inspection sieve. After sieving, the particles that meet the particle size requirements enter the permanent magnet cylinder for oscillation, and then pass through the distributor to the granulation bin.

(4) Feed pelleting system

After the raw materials are crushed, they are granulated by a pellet machine in the granulation bin, and then enter the crusher for crushing after being cooled by a cooler, and then pass through the elevator to the grading screen. The particles that meet the requirements enter the finished product bin through the distributor. This process mainly produces equipment noise.

(5) Ultrafine powder system

The particles that do not meet the requirements are batched through secondary mixing, enter the distributor through the batching scale, and then enter the micro-pulverizer.

(6) Puffing system

After being finely pulverized, the raw material enters the warehouse to be puffed, and is puffed by the puffing machine. After being dried by the dryer, it is transported to the grading sieve by the elevator, and the particles passing through the sieve enter the finished product warehouse.

(7) Packaging system

The finished product is firstly packaged by a scale, then sealed with a sewing machine, and finally transported to the finished product warehouse by a belt conveyor.

4. Main Production Equipment

Table 4 List of main equipment

Serial number Equipment name Specification model Quantity (set batch)
The main production equipment station set
Raw material receiving and cleaning system   2
1 Scraper conveyor TGSS25 1  
2 Bucket elevator TDTGk50/28 3  
3 Permanent magnet cylinder TCXT25 3  
4 Initial cleaning of drums SCY80A 1  
5 Cone powder sieve SCQZ80X90X110A 1  
Crushing system     2
1 To be crushed   3  
2 SFSP crusher 968-V 2  
3 Crushing system wind net   2  
4 High pressure fan 6-30-8C 2  
5 Shakron Φ1200 2  
6 Wind shut TGFZ16 2  
7 Material sealing screw conveyor TLSSF32 2  
8 Bucket elevator TDTGk50/28 2  
9 Distributor TFPX6-200 2  
Raw material expansion system (03)   2
1 Puffing warehouse   2  
2 Feeding auger TWLL16 2  
3 Double jacketed conditioner MUTZ420 2  
4 Extruder PHY260 2  
5 Counter-flow flap cooler SLNF24X24A 1  
6 High pressure fan 6-30-8C 1  
7 High pressure fan 6-30-5.5A 1  
8 Shakron Φ1200 1  
9 Shakron Φ1000 1  
10 Wind shut TGFZ16 2  
11 Material sealing screw conveyor TLSSF25 1  
12 Bucket elevator TDTG50/28 1  
13 Distributor TFPX4-200 1  
Batching mixing system   2
1 Small material adding machine SBLMa4 1  
2 Pneumatic gate TZMQ50X50 1  
3 Small material adding machine SBLMa4 1  
4 Double shaft paddle mixer SLHSJ7.0A 1  
5 Scraper conveyor TGSS32 1  
6 Permanent magnet cylinder TCXT30 1  
7 Bucket elevator TDTGk50/32 1  
8 Distributor TFPX6-250 1  
Granulation system 2
  To be granulated bin   2  
  Double jacketed conditioner MUTZ1200 2  
  Pellet machine SLZH858 2  
  Bucket elevator TDTGk50/28 2  
  Scraper conveyor TGSS25 1  
  Rotary classification screen SFJH153X2(C) 2  
Finished product packaging system 2
1 Finished product warehouse   3  
2 Electronic packing scale LCS-50-BZ 3  
3 Sewing machine belt conveyor   3  
Inspection and testing equipment
1 Weighbridge SCS/ZCS-100D truck scale 1  
Environmental protection and fire fighting equipment
1 Dust removal equipment Large pulse dust collector   1
2 Boiler desulfurization + dust removal equipment Wet desulfurization (calcium method) + bag dust removal   1
3 Fire Equipment Fire Fighting System   1
Other auxiliary equipment
1 Grease adding machine SYTC150 1  
2 Air compressor 3 cubic 1  
3 transformer 1000KVA 2  
4 Boiler equipment 15 ton coal-fired boiler 1  

5. Heating

This project uses a 15t/h steam boiler for heating, and the chimney height is 40m.

6. Labor quota and work system

The project plans to employ 200 people, including 35 managers. There are 165 marketing, production and other personnel. There are board and lodging in the factory, and about 100 people eat and lod in the factory. The project works 8 hours a day, 300 days a year.

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