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66 Tons/day Aquatic Ruminant and Poultry Feed Line Project

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66 Tons/day Aquatic Ruminant and Poultry Feed Line Project
66 Tons/day Aquatic Ruminant and Poultry Feed Line Project

Annual production of 10,000 tons of aquatic poultry and livestock ruminant feed production line project. The annual production period of the plant is 6 months, and the average monthly production is 1,667 tons. Based on the calculation of 150 days in half a year, the daily production is 66 tons. There are 30 employees in the production period, the working hours are 8 hours, and the average production is 8 tons per hour. There are 5 employees when the factory is not in production. The layout of the factory is divided into 4 functional areas: raw material warehouse, finished product warehouse, production workshop and living office. The main technical and economic indicators of the project construction are shown in Table 1-1, and the project composition list is shown in Table 1-2.

Table 1-1 List of technical and economic indicators

Serial number Indicator name unit Quantity Remarks
1 total land area m 2 16,347.48  
2 Total surface area m 2    
among them Office and living area m 2 440 2F
Canteen area m 2 200 1F
Boiler room area m 2 120 1F
Water room area m 2   1F
Finished product warehouse area m 2 600 1F
Raw material warehouse area m 2 2000 1F
Main workshop area m 2 1296 6F

Table 1-2 List of project composition

project name scale Remarks
1 Main workshop Building area 1298m 2 1 Building 6F
2 Raw materials warehouse Building area 2000m 2 1 Building 1F
3 product warehouse Building area 600m 2 1 Building 1F
Auxiliary engineering 1 Boiler Room Building area 120m 2 1 Building 1F
Public works 1 Waterhouse   1 Building 1F
Environmental Engineering 1 Septic tank    
2 Garbage collection bin    
Office and living facilities 1 Workspace Building area 264m 2 1 Building 1F
2 canteen Building area 200m 2 1 Building 1F
3 Living Area Building area 176m 2 1 Building 1F

1. Product Plan of Aquatic Ruminant Poultry Feed Production Line

According to market demand and the company's development strategy, this project produces 10,000 tons of aquatic products and livestock ruminant feed annually. The scale of production is shown in Table 1-3.

Table 1-3 List of product solutions

Serial number product name Production scale
1 fish food 9000t/a
2 Poultry feed 1000t/a

2. Main Raw and Auxiliary Materials and Energy Consumption

The project produces 10,000 tons of aquatic and poultry feed every year, including 9,000 t/a fish feed and 1,000 t/a poultry feed. The raw and auxiliary materials and energy consumption required are shown in Table 1-4.

Table 1-4 List of main raw and auxiliary materials and energy consumption

product name Name of raw materials Quantity unit
Fish feed
Soybean meal 2070 t/a
Cottonseed meal 990 t/a
Rapeseed meal 1980 t/a
Oil bran 1350 t/a
Choline Chloride 18 t/a
Vitamins 9 t/a
Mineral elements 45 t/a
wheat 1800 t/a
Calcium dihydrogen phosphate 11.7 t/a
Fish meal 726.3 t/a
Livestock feed
Soybean meal 150 t/a
Cottonseed meal/Rapeseed meal 50 t/a
Oil bran 47 t/a
wheat 47 t/a
Vitamins 1 t/a
Mineral elements 5 t/a
corn 700 t/a
water 3445 t/a
Electricity 11 Ten thousand kw·h/a
Biomass fuel 50 t/a

3. Main Equipment of Aquatic Poultry Ruminant Feed Production Line

The main production equipment of this project is shown in Table 1-5.

Table 1-5 List of main production equipment

Serial number Equipment name model Quantity unit
1 Pulse dust collector TBLMA12 7 station
2 Hoist TDTG36/23 1 station
3 Main material crusher Water drop FS112*40 1 station
4 Ingredients 1000KG 1 station
5 Mixer SJHJ.2 1 station
6 Permanent magnet barrel TCXT 1 station
7 Feed Pellet Machine 400 1 station
8 Extruder Model 185 1 station
9 Dryer SSEP160 1 station
10 cooling system 4-72N06 1 A
11 Crusher 15*150 1 station
12 Air compressor W-2.1/7 1 station
13 filter LJ34-1.0/10 1 station
15 Accumulator Y06039-513 1 station
16 Plane rotary grading screen SFJH130*2 1 station
17 Fuel injection equipment   1 station
18 Fan   1 station
19 steamer 1.0t/h 1  
20 Automatic packaging machine BD-50B 1  

4. Labor Quota and Work System

The annual production period of the factory is 6 months, the production period has 30 employees, the working hours are 8-hour shifts, and there are 5 permanent personnel in the factory when it is not in production.

5. Process Flow of Poultry Ruminant Aquatic Feed Production Line

The process flow is briefly described as follows:

The raw materials that meet the production requirements are purchased, part of them are stored in the raw material warehouse for later use, and the rest are directly discharged into the raw material receiving port, and sent to the elevator through the scraper conveyor to be lifted to the top of the main workshop to remove the debris, and the raw materials are removed. Iron is removed by the permanent magnet cylinder, and then sent to the silo for standby. The raw materials such as corn, bean cake, barley and other granular items are crushed by the crusher in the crushing section, and then sent to the respective intermediate storage bins after crushing. According to the ratio of the feed formula, all powdered raw materials (including feed additives) are electronically metered from their respective intermediate bins and then sent to the double-shaft high-efficiency mixer for sufficient mixing, and the mixed powdered materials enter the bin to be pelletized for standby . The powdered material is fed into the granulator and passed into steam for granulation. After granulation, it is cooled to room temperature by a countercurrent cooler, and then crushed into finished products by a crusher. The finished product is then sieved and packaged.

aquatic products and livestock feed production line project
aquatic and livestock feed production line project

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