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4* 30 Tons/hour Feed Pellet Mill Production Line Technical Solutions And Prices

Date: 07/13/2020 08:46:15 From: Clicks:

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I recently received an email from a customer inquiring about feed production line equipment including feed hammer mills and feed pellet machine. The total tonnage is 120 tons/hour, and a total of four 30-ton/hour feed production lines. Let's first understand the customer's consultation content:

4* 30 Tons/hour Feed Pellet Mill Production Line
4* 30 Tons/hour Feed Pellet Mill Production Line

"good day

If you have an interest in this project, can you provide a commercial offer?

Our design engineers have developed technological schemes

1. Feed mill 4 lines * 30 t/h = 120 t/h

2. Warehouse storage of raw materials (silos) -300 000 tons

It is necessary for me that your engineers provide me with a commercial offer for a feed mill and a warehouse for storing raw materials (silo).

With your consent, I can send the following information for your calculation

Compound Feed Plant:

1. Feed mill 120 th 19.11.18 model (1) in pdf format, and feed mill 120 th 19.11.18 model (1) in dwg format (autocad)

2. Technological scheme of the fodder plant 120 th in pdf format

3. These diagrams show all the performance of the equipment used.

Storage Of Raw Materials (Silos)

1 warehouse raw material storage (silo) -300000 tons) in the pdf program

2. Feed mill and warehouse of raw material storage (silo) and feed mill-120 dwg format (autocad).

the only thing that all these files are in russian

i am waiting for your decision from you, and then i can send all these specified files.

From the customer's letter, we can see that there are four feed pellet production lines with silos. The feed pellet production lines that Richi Machinery can produce include poultry feed pellet production lines, livestock feed pellet production lines, ruminant feed pellet production lines, and aquatic feed pellet production lines.

feed pellet machine
feed pellet machine

4* 30 Tons/hour Feed Pellet Mill Production Line Technical Solutions

Here our engineers do not need to design the technical plan of the feed factory, because the client has already formulated the plan. We only need to provide supporting equipment according to the plan. In the 4* 30 Tons/hour feed pellet production line, pellet machine can be said to be one of the important equipment. Below are the technical parameters of 30 Tons/hour Feed Pellet Mill.

30 Tons/hour Feed Pellet Machine Optional Model

Model Capacity(TPH) Main Motor Power(kw) Feeder Motor Power(kw) Conditioner Power(kw) Dia.of Ring Die(mm) Final Pellet(mm)
SZLH678 20-30 220/250 2.2 11 678 2~12
SZLH768 25-40 280/315 2.2 11 768 2~12
SLZH858 25-42 280/315 2.2 15 858 2~18

4* 30 Tons/hour Feed Pellet Mill Production Line Prices

The production line price is set according to the solution. The designed solutions are generally divided into three levels according to customer needs and budget:: Low-level, Standard-level and High-level. Generally, the Standard-level configuration refers to semi-automation, and some sections require a lot of labor. If the labor cost is low in some countries, if you want to save investment, you can consider low-level configuration. High-level configuration does not require labor or a small number of workers, of course, the price is quite high. Standard configuration is between low and high configuration.

4* 30 Tons/hour Feed Pellet Production Line Manufacturer

4* 30 Tons/hour Feed Pellet Mill Production Line, the output is large, so the requirements for manufacturers are also relatively high. Henan Richi Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995, is a leading brand of animal feed pellet machinery in China. There are flat die pellet machine suitable for small production and ring die pellet mill with large output. After CE, SGS & ISO certification, the products are sold in more than 100 countries and regions.

At present, the international strategy is implemented stably, Richi has 21 overseas agents, as well as 1 overseas subsidiaries in Uzbekistan. In the aspect of marketing service mode, it abides by the principle of "value leading and win-win service", introduces advanced concepts such as leading the industrial service promise, quality tracking and user care, provides solutions of whole set equipment construction for customers in time; and the humanized and punctual top-quality service help Richi win customers' praise, thus enhancing brand value of the enterprise.

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