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2 T/h Capacity Feed Production Machine Full Setup Price Quotation

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2 T/h Capacity Feed Production Machine is what we call the 2 ton/hour feed pellet machine. A customer in Bangladesh consulted 2 ton/H capacity Feed Production Machine full setup Price quotation, which is the full set of equipment quotation for the 2 ton/h feed pellet production line. 2 The quotation of the T/h feed pellet production line varies greatly depending on the configuration, and the price range is between $15,000.00-$300,000.00.

2 T/h Capacity Feed Production Machine Full Setup Price Quotation
2 T/h Capacity Feed Production Machine Full Setup Price Quotation

2 Ton/hour Feed Pellet Machine Features

1.The process flow is continuous and reasonable, and each machine has good performance.

2.The unit has a compact structure, small occupation area, low energy consumption,and high efficiency.

3.Simple structure, suitable for small farmers in rural areas to use.

4.Easy maintenance, safe and reliable, less investment and quick effect.

5.Flexible production : Wide product rangeΦ1.5mm-Φ12mm pellets,conditioner with molasses and steam adding function.

6.User-friendly operation : Hydraulic system for ring die change and roller adjustment(optional),quick ad precise operation;auto-lubrication system(optional)and die & roller lifting device,save labor;on-site touch screen control.

Process Of 2 ton/h feed pellet production line

Step 01: Raw Materials Reception and Cleaning Process

The first stage involves receiving and cleaning the raw material such as grain, beans, grass or fish meals used for making pellet feed.

Step 02: Feed Crushing Process

The material is then passed into the hammer mill, where it is ground into a size which is suitable for making feed pellets.

Step 03: Feed Mixing Process

The crushed fodder materials are then passed through a feed mixing machine, where different ingredients are added to the feed raw material to ensure that the finished pellet contains all the required nutrients.

Step 04: Animal Feed Pelleting Process

The pelletization stage is the most important stage in the animal feed mill, since the feed powder is converted into pellets of the desired size and shape. Compared to the flat die feed pellet machine, the ring die feed pellet machine has a larger capacity.

Step 05: Feed Pellets Cooling Process

The feed pellets are produced at a temperature of 88 degree centigrade and have a moisture level of 17-18%. For cooling, drying and storage, the moisture level should be reduced to 10-12% . Hence the feed pellets are passed through the pellet cooler, where they are cooled to a temperature which is close to room temperature, dried to reduce the moisture levels.

Step 06: Feed Pellets Packaging

After the animal feed pellets are produced, a semi automatic packing machine is used to put the pelleted feed in bags so that they can stored or transported to the end customer. A computerized machine will measure the feed of a specific amount for each bag, and it will be pneumatically discharged to the bag for packing. The bag with the pellets will move on a conveyor to the area where machines will automatically stitch the open tops of the bag, so that they can be transported.

Process Of 2 ton/h feed pellet production line
Process Of 2 ton/h feed pellet production line

2 Ton/hour Feed Pellet Machine Case

Our company provides drawing details is flow chart , pit drawings, install drawings, operating instructions.

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