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What are the main processing equipment for fish feed in the world

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At present, the main processing equipments of fish feed in the world are:

1. In order to make the pellet feed not disperse in water immediately, a steam ripening device is usually added to the hard pellet feed machine to increase the cohesiveness of the feed.

2. Expanded feed processing equipment is used to develop new feed sources. Expanded pig feathers, feathers and animal manure are used to feed, cottonseed phenol and other toxins are removed, soybean meal, rapeseed cake and cottonseed cake are expanded.

3. In order to prolong the qualitative time of pellet feed in water, oil film spraying equipment is usually installed at the outlet of pellet feed machine. However, because of the high moisture content of pellets at that time, the moisture content of finished products is more than 16%, it is advisable to dry before spraying.

4. The complete set of equipment for processing fresh and soft pellet feed is to beat fresh and live feed into paste by beater, mix it with other powdery feed, and process it into fresh and soft pellet feed to maintain the active substance of live bait.

fish feed pellet mill
fish feed pellet mill

5. One-step pellet feed processing equipment This equipment does not need to add water vapor in the process of processing feed, dry in and out. When the moisture content of raw materials is less than 12%, the moisture content of products is less than 10.2%, and no drying is needed.

6. The whole set of equipment for processing pellet feed from sink to float is recommended by the United Nations. It does not disintegrate after launching into water and can float to the surface in a few hours, which can reduce water pollution and save feed.

7. Floating pellet feed processing equipment at room temperature and atmospheric pressure does not need heating facilities. Pellet feed processed at room temperature and atmospheric pressure can also "float immediately" without disintegration for several hours.

8. In order to make the feed easy to digest and absorb, the complete set of equipment for ultrafine grinding is usually used to feed larger seedlings, and can also be used as raw material for pellet feed.

9. a complete set of microcapsule feed processing equipment, which can make natural coating outside the micro particles, and then spray dry to form. The diameter of feed pellets is 5 micron to 10 microns, and 800 thousand grains per milligram.

Fish and shrimp feed processing machinery has been gradually separated from animal feed processing machinery in foreign countries and formed its own system. Only by fully realizing mechanization and modernization of aquaculture, can the yield and quality of aquaculture be significantly improved.

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