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What Are The Costs Of Pig Raising, How Much Does It Cost to Raise A Pig?

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Pig raising costs include piglet expenses, feed expenses, labor expenses, epidemic prevention, veterinary medicine, housing pig raising equipment, and the purchase of some gadgets. Individuals also need to calculate the interest generated by the near-breeding loan, as well as freight, water, electricity, and death losses. Farming profit and loss. So how much does it cost to raise a pig? The cost of raising pigs is calculated.


When you’re starting out with livestock it can be hard to judge what your costs are going to be. If you’re getting started with pigs, let me walk you through your expected cost to raise a pig. We’ll be looking at a backyard or small homestead situation, not a large commercial operation. We’ll also be looking at a weaner-to-market process, not a breeding operation.

The Cost to Raise a Pig

What factors do you need to plan for when understanding how much it costs to raise a pig?

I group things into a couple of big categories.

First up is infrastructure. These are the basics you need to understand and implement. Infrastructure covers:

Then you have recurring per-pig expenses. These include:


Your first category in your cost to raise a pig is infrastructure or operation costs. When you buy these things they become assets that will last you from year to year. You need to include their cost in your yearly or batch estimates because the initial costs are so high. If you spend $500 on fencing, for example, and you expect it to last 5 years, you need to add $100 to the cost of each year of pigs.

Let’s look at some categories of cost you should consider. Some of these things you may already own, and of course actual prices can wildly vary, but we’ll look at some estimates.


Fencing is your biggest concern when considering your infrastructure cost to raise a pig. We use Elecronet fencing which is about $150 for 165 ft of fencing. We have several of these because we use them for the sheep and around gardens, too. You could start out with two. The price-per-foot on this type of fence is high, but we like how mobile they are. With our sheep we’ve gone through periods where we are moving the fence every day. We’ve had some of our rolls of fence for 4 years now and they have held up great and been a great investment. With electric you also have to factor in the price of energizers. Other kinds of fencing include hog panels and woven wire.


How much is a baby pig? We have gotten weaner piglets for as cheap as $35 a piglet in our area, and prices can go up to $200 a piglet or more for registered heritage breed piglets. For a weaner-to-market operation I wouldn’t think you’d be buying $200 piglets, but be wary of cheap ones, too. One year we got a “good deal” that turned out not-so-good when the pigs had gotten an infection as babies that led to them not growing very well.


Feed is your biggest cost. Our pigs have tended to have a feed conversion ration of between 2.5 and 3. That means it takes us 2.5-3 pounds of feed to grow one pound of pig. This year (2014) we’re buying our feed for $15 a 50 pound bag. It takes us between $150-$200 of feed to grow our pigs to market weight. You can save some money if you have a free source of food supplement like whey from a dairy. Keep in mind that your kitchen scraps won’t have any effect at all. It’s too few calories to make a difference.


You might buy straw bales for bedding for your pigs. We pay about $5 a square bale and I usually end up buying 5-6 bales for a batch of pigs.

Health care

We have very few health care costs will our pigs. We deworm when we first get piglets, and one year we had to treat for mites.

The Cost to Raise a Pig

The total amount it will cost to raise a pig depends on a lot of factors. The price of fuel in your area and the price you can get the feed make a big difference. Your infrastructure costs will be more spread out if you’re doing 20 pigs than if you’re doing 2. But let me start out giving you one example of how much it can cost, and then we’ll go over some of those various factors.

Here is the bottom line estimate for Joshua and me here at The Wallow in 2014 raising the minimum of 2 pigs:

$50 x 2 – Price of piglets

$200 x 2 – Feed cost

$250 – Fuel cost

$200 – Infrastructure (fencing, housing, etc) and misc (health care, bedding, etc)

$125 x 2 – Processing fee

Total = $600 cost to raise a pig for a 275 lb pig at market weight. That will give us about 130 pounds of meat and extras, which works out to about $4.62/lb across all cuts.
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